Our humble beginnings

A little about us.

Rigorer Singapore is currently managed by Deemand Distribution Pte Ltd. Deemand was created by a group of young opportunistic Singaporeans who were looking to convert their passion for basketball into a brand so that they could share that passion with others. From humble beginnings, they built their brand and image with hard work and good decision making.

Today, they evolve from a local company to a distribution business, looking to deliver great products beyond Singapore.

How did we start?

Rigorer Wholesale

Finding Products to sell. Just like everybody else, finding the right products to sell will always be a struggle. As a first-time seller, our expectations were high and look to make a big impact in a very short amount of time. Unwilling to settle for less, we tend to look for products with your above average profit margins; less to no competition and well-respected brands and with the lowest capital requirements. Unfortunately, we learnt that the road is never that easy which often led to procrastination with little to no corresponding qualities with their expectations. They quickly realized it was a trade that would require a substantial amount of time and effort.

After much research and discussion, the team decided to start by selling sneakers, with access to suppliers who are willing to give lower cost for products. We learnt that the key to becoming successful in this ever-competitive market is to pick up the ability to differentiate the authenticity of the sneakers and upon selling at a competitive rate, we reached our first milestone - finding our product to market and sell.

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Drop-shipping? In order to mitigate capital requirements, the team decided to employ a drop-shipping model which does not require the team to hold any inventory.  By doing so it allows freedom in the inventory, minimal capital and the focus of resources towards the fulfilment process of the entire supply chain.

Sneakers are generally bulky in size, factoring in the boxes and the weight, it is unlikely to keep in-stocks without a large warehouse. They also come in many different sizes and colours for each design resulting in huge investments on storage spaces, inventory management and logistics costs for non-drop shippers are greatly increased.

Eventually, the team encountered a roadblock whereby customers expect to receive their orders within 3 days and started becoming impatient while waiting for their orders to arrive. The team quickly realised that the drop-shipping model could only target a small specific audience and revenue would become stagnant at some point.

We decided to venture into shoe care products, believing that customers who ordered our shoes would appreciate shoe care products, creating a mini eco-system where everyone could work together and thus resulting in mutual benefits.

After much research, the team branched out from drop-shipping, we managed to manufacture our own shoe sprays, white labelling their products, eventually branding it as their own.

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Carousell! Owning and Marketing a brand requires a full-time and dedicated team to function efficiently. In a similar context, manufacturing products would also mean increased pressure to sell a certain amount every month to keep up with cost and earn profits. The team decided to try out Carousell, a platform that is beginner friendly and could potentially generate more sales and provide much needed exposure to our brand. 

With the help of social media influence coupled with returning customers who buy the sneakers, Sales and response of the shoe spray improved by an impressive amount.

Fulfilment- As Carousell offers limited forms of payment options, order tracking and collection of payments became a challenge due to the sheer volume of orders.

The team then came up with a new process of handling orders, automating fulfilment in order to keep up with the increasing sales and orders. They found that  Shopify had all the tools they needed to keep up with the increasing orders, so the team started to use Shopify as their main tool for business.

Shopify is a great tool for growing businesses as it has a higher growth capacity, thus making managing the business much easier.

First wholesale Order

Our first wholesale order came as a surprise as it was never an area of focus at that time. With momentum from our social media and the increasing followers on our Carousell Shop, the team attracted sellers who also sold sneakers via drop-shipping and found that our products were well suited towards their customer base.

Eventually, the need rose to partner up with these sellers from the perspective of the brand owner. Rules, terms and conditions were required to create a more organized and clear cut selling environment. It could also be used as a platform to share insight and thoughts on how to better improve sales.

This led the team to wonder if there were any channels/platform that could optimise the process of recruiting sellers and supporting resellers, making order placing feel more seamless. 

Discovering Rigorer

Rigorer Sponsorship


In 2017, the team had a chance to visit China to represent a local basketball club for a friendly match against a team in China. Through networking, they got to meet with the founder of Rigorer, Chen Yao. The team learnt that Rigorer has been the main sponsor for CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association) & CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) and and has been focusing on building the brand domestically. 

The conversation sparked a business opportunity after an exchange of success stories from each side. The team decided to bring back some product samples from Rigorer to try marketing the brand in the Singapore market. And today Rigorer has become the leading basketball brand in Singapore.